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Participating in KN^2

There are many ways to participate in Networking Knowledgescapes. One is what you are doing now; visiting the website and taking advantage of the resources made more accessible here. A second is to join the discussion group operating under NAK. A third is to join the KN Network, a loose group of those interested in study of knowledge networking and/or promotion of social-informed knowledge technologies. By joining the Network, you help make the case that the intersection of knowledge and technology is an important issue and you help shape the future of research on knowledge and development of knowledge technologies. Contact Karl Hakken.


David Hakken PhD.
Cyberspace anthropologist David Hakken studies automated information technology and culture from his home and office in Utica, NY. His interest in technology is a direct consequence of teaching anthropology, sociology, and computer science for
25 years at the State University of New York Institute of Technology. His basic research experience includes long term ethnographic studies of worker education and information technology in Sheffield, England, and a comparative study of the cultural construction of computing in Norway and Sweden.

Karl Hakken
Cyberspace engineer Karl Hakken studies social aspects of information in his spare time when he is not working on projects for Cultural Practices. He has also worked as a technical architect for UNext and The university of Chicago.

The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries

the digital opportunity list are of interest.

Recently, the Solaris list has had much interesting debate about Open Source and non-Western development issues.

Practical Gatherings, a network for those trying to make a career out of ethnographic research in organizations, has recently launched a discussion list.