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Why KN?

An important part of understanding knowledge networking as a process is recognizing how it is not a single thing but varies from culture to culture. The documents posted here discuss relevant aspects of knowledge networking from the cross-cultural viewpoint of ethnography and anthropology. If you wish to add a document, please contact David Hakken.

David Hakken
The Relevance of “Western” Studies of Cyberspace Identity for Non-Western Social Formations

Knowledge, Cyberspace, and Anthropology

Ulf Hannerz

Journalists, Anthropologists, and the Cosmopolitan Imangination

Those of us interested in automated information technology and knowledge networking think the following sources of information are of interest.

Red Rock Eater is Phil Agre’s personal list, typically composed of interesting links but carrying provocative essays and reviews on occasion.

Also of interest is Communications Related Headlines, a daily service of the Benton Foundation, and the weekly Scout Report of interesting web resources.

Depending upon your particular interest. We find the occasional Design Research News