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Why KN?

An important part of understanding knowledge networking as a process is recognizing how it is not a single thing but varies from culture to culture. The documents posted here discuss relevant aspects of knowledge networking from the cross-cultural viewpoint of ethnography and anthropology. If you wish to add a document, please contact David Hakken.

David Hakken
The Relevance of “Western” Studies of Cyberspace Identity for Non-Western Social Formations

Knowledge, Cyberspace, and Anthropology

Ulf Hannerz

Journalists, Anthropologists, and the Cosmopolitan Imangination

Recently, the Solaris list has had much interesting debate about Open Source and non-Western development issues.

Practical Gatherings, a network for those trying to make a career out of ethnographic research in organizations, has recently launched a discussion list.

Sourceforge is an excellent place to begin exploring Open Source

you should also be aware of the Free Software Foundation.