KN^2 Knowledge Networking Knowledge Networking v.1.0.b


An important part of KN^2 is the promotion of AITs appropriate to good knowledge networking. This website is constructed using a suite of generic knowledge networking development tools whose source code is open. Here in the DevCenter, our focus is on using these tools as a basis for a more general Open Source Knowledge Networking project. If you are interested in participating in this more technical work, contact Karl Hakken.

Eventually, you will be able to download the source code for our work here as well. Currently, however our projects are all in the pre-Beta phase. If you would like to look anyway, email Karl.

the digital opportunity list are of interest.

Recently, the Solaris list has had much interesting debate about Open Source and non-Western development issues.

Practical Gatherings, a network for those trying to make a career out of ethnographic research in organizations, has recently launched a discussion list.

Sourceforge is an excellent place to begin exploring Open Source