KN^2 Knowledge Networking Knowledge Networking v.1.0.b

Knowledge Networking is the socio-cultural process through which new knowledge gets created, existing knowledge is adapted, and knowledge is shared. The Knowledge Networking Knowledge Networking (KN^2) Project was started with US National Science Foundation funding in 1998. It aims both to promote study of knowledge networking and to support the use of automated information and communications technologies that enhance knowledge networking. This KN^2 Website is for everyone who wants to understand more about how knowledge works in diverse human cultures and/or make information technologies that support better knowledge networking. The site is under construction; please send responses and ideas for improvement to David Hakken

EPIC Alert of interest regarding, respectively, IT design and Privacy issues.

The Entovision Update list is business-oriented but a good source of information re: whatever the current Knowledge Management buzz is.

The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries

the digital opportunity list are of interest.